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Red Diamond launches tea innovation with Sam's Club


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —Red Diamond’s ready-to-drink, fresh brewed tea is No. 1 in the United States, according to the company, and is widely available in dairy cases throughout Walmart and other leading retailers.

The innovation announced today will enable Sam’s members to brew the same 1906 tea blend at their home or office. The package includes six separately-packaged cartons, each one with 24-quart tea bags, enabling the user to enjoy 144 quarts of America’s best-selling tea.

“Our partner at Sam’s, Category Manager Jeff Seyfarth, challenged us to bring him innovation,” commented Dave Burke, EVP of Red Diamond. “We’re excited to have rapidly developed a product that brings Red Diamond’s world-class 1906 tea blend to Sam’s members in a unique packaging. And we did it in 30 days.”

Burke added, “Sam’s fully understands that tea, and specifically fresh brewed ice tea, is a high-growth category. We are proud to serve their members, and look forward to future new product launches.”


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