Report: Collegiate millennials shaping culinary trends


ROCKVILLE, Md. — Packaged Facts and CCD Innovation, a San Francisco-based strategic food and beverage innovation agency, have unveiled a report that explores the culinary behaviors or preferences of collegiate millennials, those consumers ages 18 years to 22 years.

According to the "Collegiate Gen Y Eating: Culinary Trend Mapping Report," there are four major needs and seven culinary behaviors or preferences among this demographic. The report noted that current needs for powerful nutrition, flavorful food, comfort and indulgence, as well as speed and convenience are driving collegiate millennials' food choices.

"The college environment, with its campus food courts, self-serve bars and convenience stores along with plenty of nearby cheap global eats, offers students an exceptional opportunity to experience new foods, flavor profiles and eating styles," CCD Innovation CEO Kimberly Egan said. "Just as minds expand in the classroom, palates expand in college and are forever altered. The food industry will need to respond to these adventurous consumers as they leave campus and start earning their own paychecks."

Click here for the full report.

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