Report: Florida lawmakers eye telemedicine


NEW YORK — Lawmakers in Florida are looking into ways to ease regulatory limitations for telemedicine in an effort to increase access to care and create “a fertile ground” for the technology to be used, according to a local report.

Among the issues at hand, insurance companies in Florida are not required to reimburse doctors for telemedicine services, the Miami Herald reported. Also, many doctors don’t have the licenses to practice in other states or the credentials to practice at other hospitals.

The Senate Health Policy Committee heard a proposal by Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, that would require insurance providers to reimburse telemedicine services as if they were face-to-face encounters with doctors, the Miami Herald reported.

The bill also sought to establish standards of care and a process that would enable out-of-state telehealth providers to register in Florida.

After taking public comments, the Senate Health Policy Committee chairman delayed a vote on the proposal, saying the committee needed another week to revise the language, the article stated.

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