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Report: New signs go up as Solantic officially changes name to CareSpot


NASHVILLE — Solantic, the largest operator of urgent care centers in Florida, announced earlier this year that it is changing its name to CareSpot Express Healthcare and now, according to a local news report, the new signs went up this week in time for the official name change on Sept. 25.

“CareSpot represents a new brand and a new vision for our company,” Solantic/CareSpot CEO Mike Klein said earlier this year in announcing the name change. “For the past year, our new management team has been reviewing patient feedback and identifying areas of improvement as we create a new consumer-focused company. Over the next few months, we’ll be putting the pieces in place to create a better company, provide better service and deliver consumers quality healthcare at a reasonable price. Those improvements are reflected in our new name, which consumers will see starting in September.”

The initiative calls for:

  • As many as 12 to 15 new CareSpot centers, including two more centers in Florida;

  • All 29 current Solantic centers in Florida will be remodeled and renamed CareSpot by October;

  • A new website; and

  • About 150 new hires, bringing the total employment to more than 700 by the end of 2012. Approximately 500 of those jobs will be in Florida.

The change also means more convenience as a result of new technology:

  • Patients will be able to make appointments from their home computer or smart phones;

  • Patients will be able to determine center wait times from their home computers or smartphones so they can select the most convenient option among all of the centers in their market;

  • Faster check-ins since new patients will be able to register and provide patient information through the CareSpot website before their visit; and

  • Tablets instead of paper: Physicians, nurses and physician assistants will read patient charts using tablets because all CareSpot centers will have electronic medical records. That also means if a patient moves from one city to another, or if they need to see a specialist, the records can be transferred faster.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, the company spent about $3 million through the entire renovation process, including signage.

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