Report: New urgent care chain offering IVs to cure hangovers coming to NYC


NEW YORK — New York City’s Upper West Side is set to become the home for Cure Urgent Care’s first New York City location, according to a local report, offering local residents a cure for hangovers via an IV. reports that the chain of urgent care facilities is looking to open a location on Broadway between West 102nd Street and West 103rd Street in May.

In April, a location is set to also open in Huntington, Long Island, followed by five other locations in New York City over the next year and a half, according to the report.

Aside from treating non life-threatening ailments, the facility will also provide IVs for patients feeling dehydrated or even hungover, co-founder Dr. Jake Deutsch, who served as chief resident at Beth Israel Hospital, was reported as saying.

He also noted that the facilities are striving to offer a “concierge level of care” by offering, for example, iPads for patients.


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