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ReportersNotebook — General Merchandise, 9/24/12


SUPPLIER NEWS — Lysol has introduced its latest line of household products that highlights the versatility of hydrogen peroxide. The Lysol Power and Free line is comprised of a multipurpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and toilet and bathroom wipes. The Power and Free line may be used on a variety of surfaces with no rinsing needed. The lineup carries a suggested retail price range of $2.52 to $3.86 and is available in Citrus Sparkle, Cool Spring Breeze and Oxygen Splash scents.

Trudeau has debuted the Reusable Party Cup. Reminiscent of the red plastic cups that frequently make appearances at festivities across the country, Trudeau’s reusable cup seeks to echo the same sentiment without affecting the environment. The Red Party Cup by Trudeau is available as a single cup, a four-pack and six-pack. The SRP for a single cup will be $5.99. The Trudeau reusable cup soon also will be available in blue, yellow and green, and will include an easy peel-off nametag for personalizing.

Design Weave USA has introduced a patented anti-bedbug and anti-dust mite dryer sheet under the Rest Easy brand. According to the company, the dryer sheets naturally kill and repel bedbugs and dust mites. The dryer sheets are EPA-exempt, according to the company. “The dryer sheets work in your dryer to add the protection from a micro-encapsulated process to your bedding, effective for a full week of protection,” Design Weave USA VP of product development and marketing Dan Harris said.

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