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REvive™ is the new 100% Natural Vitality Drink, Made From 21 Super Fruits

REvive is the convenient, delicious way to get a revitalizing lift - without caffeine jitters, a sugar crash or artificial stimulants. REvive offers a natural way to recharge body and brain with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that give REAL benefits, energy and Vitality - so you can enjoy more life! REvive is nationally advertised to drive consumers to your stores; we are featured in Glamour, Woman’s Day and Shape magazines; on Pandora radio, Facebook, and in Mom, Foodie and Fitness blogs. REvive is sampled at health/fitness venues, like Lifetime Fitness (nationally) and events like the Chicago Triathlon.

Visit the website to learn why parents, teachers, executives, and fitness buffs are adding REvive to their routine. Make the switch to 100% Pure Vitality!

For more information: Tom Morse (248) 214-7771 or [email protected]


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