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Rite Aid expands into college essentials for BTS season


CAMP HILL, Pa. — Rite Aid's product selection for the back-to-school shopping season will include many new products aimed at college students, the retail pharmacy chain said.

In preparation for what the National Retail Federation calls the second-busiest shopping season of the year after the winter holidays, Rite Aid is including new computer accessories, wireless Internet routers, sheet and blanket sets, shower curtains and door mirrors. According to the NRF, college living essentials are likely to see an increase in spending this year.

"As back-to-school seasons have evolved over the years, Rite Aid has been ahead of the pack in bringing the most sought-after daily living and studying essentials to the most convenient locations nationwide," Rite Aid EVP merchandising Tony Montini said. "At the same time, we remain committed to delivering great value on back-to-school basics for all ages, whether the student is in grade school, grad school or somewhere in between."

Other items include graphing calculators, 19" LED TVs and Craig 10" notebooks, as well as optical mice, speakers, flash drives and Smart TV adapters, which allow high-definition televisions to be used as computers.

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