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Rite Aid offers full vaccination check with new flu shot availability


CAMP HILL, Pa. - Rite Aid announced Tuesday the availability of seasonal flu shots at Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide.

"Immunizations play a key role in a person's overall health and wellness year-round, but this is especially true when it comes to protecting oneself from the flu," stated Jocelyn Konrad, Rite Aid EVP pharmacy. "With more than 11,000 immunizing pharmacists and thousands of locations across the country, getting a flu shot at Rite Aid is a convenient and easy way for people to make sure that they are protected."

Patients can get more than just a flu shot at their local Rite Aid pharmacy, however. "We also encourage people to use flu season as an opportunity to review their immunization history and need for other vaccinations," Konrad said. "Rite Aid pharmacists can review a person's immunization history and make recommendations for additional vaccinations based on the individual's unique needs."

Subject to state regulations, Rite Aid pharmacists are able to administer vaccines that protect against tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap), as well as pneumonia and shingles at the same time as the seasonal flu shot. One dose of Tdap is routinely given at age 11 or 12, and the CDC recommends a Td (tetanus/diphtheria) booster be administered every 10 years.

The CDC also recommends a pneumococcal vaccine for those 65 and older and the shingles vaccine for people aged 60 and older.

To better understand personal immunization needs, customers can visit Rite Aid's Vaccine Central at, to complete an immunization evaluation, track their personal immunization history, and find other educational resources on immunizations.

To help employers fight the flu, Rite Aid will once again have a team dedicated to planning and implementing onsite workplace flu clinics staffed by certified immunizing Rite Aid pharmacists. Rite Aid is also able to offer employers a voucher program, in which employees would receive a flu shot voucher to use at any Rite Aid pharmacy. In addition, immunizations against other vaccine preventable diseases are also available for employees, subject to state regulations.

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