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Rite Aid’s Video Values platform reaches milestone


SAN FRANCISCO Rite Aid’s Video Values platform served more than 1 million fully viewed and confirmed videos since the program’s launch in August 2009, Rite Aid and AdPerk announced Wednesday.

Video Values allows customers to select and watch videos from a variety of brands to earn access to special coupon savings and other information. The innovative marketing program has experienced month-over-month growth in number of videos viewed and more than 65,197 opt-in, registered customers have participated in four months.

“This is a tremendous indicator of customer interest in learning about Rite Aid suppliers, brands and products,” stated John Learish, Rite Aid SVP marketing. “When we launched the platform consumer demand for value and information pointed to a need for this type of program, however, surpassing 1 million videos proves customers actually enjoy watching if there is useful information and the videos are delivered in the right environment. By giving them choice of when and what to watch, they really do engage.”

Unlike traditional advertising mechanisms, Rite Aid Video Values is a performance-based video solution where customers choose to participate and are motivated to purchase through an exchange of value, AdPerk stated. Engagement is tied directly to outcomes and measured — brands have access to sales and coupon redemption provided with regular reports. Additionally, customers register for a Rite Aid Video Values account so brands can use data dashboards to index customers by demographics, video choice and their actual purchase.

“From a sales and marketing perspective, these are unprecedented video engagement numbers that demonstrate an effective way to move customers through the sales funnel by capturing their attention online and driving them into stores,” commented Barry Soicher, CEO of AdPerk. “By visiting the program, registering for an account, selecting a particular video over others, and watching a video in its entirety, consumers are identifying themselves as highly relevant and motivated Rite Aid customers.”

Participation has been comprised of more than 57 Rite Aid vendors — including Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Pharmavite, Maybelline, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis — across more than 66 brands. The platform has offered more than 165 branded videos and related coupons totaling over $345.33 in savings.

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