Rolling Strong selects Kroger as healthcare partner for its truckers


LAS VEGAS — Rolling Strong, a health-and-wellness coordinator for professional drivers, named Kroger a preferred provider for wellness solutions for its trucking clients and drivers.

"We understand the importance of working with trusted wellness providers like Kroger to provide drivers and their families with our up-to-date health information, nutritional recommendations and wellness services," Rolling Strong chief medical officer Royce Brough said. "Our goal is two-fold, to educate drivers on the benefits of wellness and at the same time help their families get healthier by providing an overall healthier home for the drivers to return to after being on the road. Wellness maintenance is only achieved for the driver when the family is also along for the ride."

As part of the program, Kroger pharmacists will be providing on-site biometric readings for drivers at Rolling Strong's trucking clients and also on the road throughout their truck-friendly Kroger stores.

Rolling Strong and Kroger also are working together to embrace professional drivers and their families by creating wellness educational materials designed specifically to help them stay healthy where they live — on the road. Drivers and their families will be able to take advantage of healthy, value-added coupons and grocery lists to enhance their shopping experience when they are enrolled in the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Tool Bag program.

"Kroger pharmacies are committed to giving drivers and their families the tools they need to support a healthy lifestyle," Kroger VP pharmacy Lincoln Lutz said. "We are excited to partner with Rolling Strong to support the men and women who transport food and products to Kroger stores and the communities we serve across the nation."

For more information on the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Tool Bag program, click here.

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