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RuMe customizable mobile cases available at Target stores nationwide


DENVER — Lifestyle brand RuMe announced today select customizable iPhone and iPad cases and organizational accessories will be sold in Target locations nationwide as part of a back-to-school campaign beginning on July 28. Target will feature RuMe's cCase (for iPhone 4/4s & 5), cCover (for iPad & iPad mini), Baggie ALL, and cClean on endcaps in the electronics department.

RuMe's cCases and cCovers protect mobile devices with a custom and interchangeable 3-in-1 design. Each package contains a durable bumper, an iconic RuMe design, and code for a customized backplate, which customers can redeem and customize online at RuMe professionally prints the custom images at its Denver, Colo., headquarters and ships directly to the customer within 7–10 business days. Production and shipping costs (within the continental U.S.) are included in the purchase price.

The RuMe cCase and cCover protect devices. The cClean is an antibacterial, washable, screen cleaner that wipes away germs, oil, and dust. When not in use, the cClean's non-residue adhesive backing sticks to the rear of the electronic device. The Baggie ALL is made from polyester, is lead free, water-resistant and machine washable. It has three separate zippered departments to help organize personal belongings. The Baggie ALL is available in three different colors.

"Since our debut into the accessories market, RuMe has gained popularity by providing innovative products with customization capabilities, backed by a customer-centric business philosophy," said Jae Lee, CEO and co-founder of RuMe. "We are excited to be a part of the product offering at Target to provide back-to-schoolers with unique accessory options that fuse fashion with functionality, while still leaving room for creative expression."

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