RxAlly launches blood-pressure education campaign


LEESBURG, Va. — RxAlly has created a new campaign that is designed to support the Million Hearts initiative.

Through RxAlly's Performance Network — including independent pharmacies, regional chain pharmacies and Walgreens — the Heart to Heart blood-pressure education campaign, which is focused on the prevention and control of high blood pressure, will educate patients about the importance of getting periodic blood-pressure screenings and encourages pharmacist involvement in the care of and prevention of cardiovascular disease. As part of the campaign, RxAlly pharmacies will offer free blood-pressure screenings to help educate patients of the importance of knowing their numbers and taking steps to lower them (if necessary).

"For the millions of people diagnosed with heart disease, medication is their primary source of treatment. However, research shows that more than half of patients don't take their medication as prescribed by their doctors," RxAlly CEO Bruce Roberts said. "Often, medications used to treat cardiovascular disease do not show immediate and visible results to the patient, which is why it is critical for pharmacists to counsel patients in adhering to their medication regimens to yield the best possible health outcomes."

Local RxAlly pharmacies also will be supporting Million Hearts by encouraging pharmacy staff to "Be One in a Million Hearts" by pledging their support at RxAlly.com/millionhearts. The American Pharmacists Association Foundation, the charitable arm of the APhA, is partnering with RxAlly on this awareness initiative.

"We are thrilled to partner with our colleagues at RxAlly on Heart to Heart," APhA Foundation executive director Mindy Smith said. "We are excited to support a program in which patients and pharmacists focus to improve medication use and the quality of consumer health outcomes related to lowering blood pressure and preventing heart attacks and strokes."

Additional information about RxAlly's initiative can be found here.

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