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Satisfaction guaranteed?


With Walgreens back in the Express Scripts network again, and all of those millions of patients suddenly up for grabs, today’s Patient Views infographic is an important reminder of how difficult it can be to get pharmacy patients to switch — that is, assuming things like cost and access are equal. Overall, 73% of patients said they were very satisfied with the their preferred pharmacy, according to an exclusive survey of nearly 800 patients conducted by AccentHealth and DSN in late July and early August.

Interestingly enough, grocery stores (80%) finished at the top of the curve along with local independents (81%). Keep in mind 9-out-of-10 patients have a preferred pharmacy, and the fact that 84% say their insurance allows them to go to the pharmacy of their choice, the battle to win ESI pharmacy patients will be a fight for the ages.

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Patient Views is a new, exclusive consumer insights feature that will be appear in every edition of DSN magazine and the daily e-newsletter DSN A.M. If you could ask 4,000 patients anything at all, what would it be? Send your questions to [email protected].

How satisfied are you with your preferred pharmacy?

Source: AccentHealth. To view the methodology, click here.


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