Sears and Kmart implement Pikato platform, mobile redemption rates soar


TAMPA, Fla. — Pikato announced on Thursday the launch of its retail mobile marketing solution, which personalizes the customer shopping experience to increase consumer engagement and deliver measurable results. Sears and Kmart are the first companies to engage with the Pikato platform and have already seen mobile engagement rates soar 1,100%, according to Pikato.

Pikato allows its customers to launch a turnkey mobile branded campaign in less than one hour with minimal internal company resources needed. The platform gathers real-time customer feedback combined with hyperlocal and transactional data to determine the best offers and messages to be delivered.

Examples of Sears and Kmart mobile marketing experience include:

  • Members and guests can access the mobile experience in multiple channels including mweb, mobile apps, Android and iOS, in-store WiFi, SMS and iBeacons;

  • Members and guests can enter the experience and select their preference to start personalizing their shopping experience;

  • A list of personalized and targeted coupons are displayed directly on the users’ mobile device;

  • All coupon details are displayed including the barcode and disclaimers. Members and guests can start interacting with the offers by liking or disliking, sharing in social media with friends and family, loading them to Passbook and create “geofences” or redeeming online or in-store. All the actions taken by the user are leveraged by Pikato’s collective intelligence models to personalize the offers and content; and

  • With the Sears and Kmart rewards “Shop Your Way” program, members can access the experience with their phone or email address for coupons and discounts. Plus, they have the ability to load offers to their account, so coupons are clipless as all coupons are associated to the member ID. Guests also can clip their coupons in their smartphones.

“Not only was Pikato able to quickly deliver personalized recommendations across multiple mobile touch points, but we also have seen a significant increase in redemption rates of our mobile coupons by leveraging Pikato’s Intelligence platform," stated Bill Kiss, chief digital officer at Sears Holdings Corp.

“Campaigns running on the Pikato platform are designed to allow companies to deliver personalized and targeted mobile offers and content directly to their customers,” stated Jesus Sanchez, CEO of Pikato. “Pikato provides the easiest and cost-effective way of increasing redemption and mobile engagement. Sears and Kmart, with over 2,400 locations, have already seen the tremendous benefits of partnering with Pikato, and we know that other companies can potentially see similar, or even greater, results.”

Pikato mobile interactions also are designed for customers’ locations to be enabled for proximity-based notifications and strategies based in geo-location or iBeacons. Customers engage with the location-based experiences without manual check-in and not only can Pikato arbitrate and score offers, it can also manage contact policies. In-store engagements are enabled through QR and barcode scanning of products and signage and can be used to create games and interactions while inside the store bringing together physical and digital marketing vehicles.


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