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SensatioNail announces launch of new at-home French manicure gel polish


LAKE FOREST, Calif. — Pacific World's at-home gel polish brand SensatioNail has announced the launch of SensatioNail French manicure gel polish in clear and sheer pink, and French manicure tips.

SensatioNail French manicure gel polish is available in two base color shades, clear and sheer pink, each containing 100 white French manicure tips to fit a variety of nail sizes. The French tips are crafted from a real lacquer, polish-thin proprietary formula. Backed with a light adhesive for easy application, each tip is applied on top of the gel polish base, and hugs the nail edge for a seamless finish. French manicure gel polish is used in tandem with the SensatioNail Pro 3060 Lamp (included in the brand's starter kit).

Consumers also can restock their at-home gel polish kits with French manicure tips. This 100-pack can be used alongside the traditional French gel polish shades, or coupled with the brand's fashion gel polish colors to create a unique nail art statement. SensatioNail French gel polish and French manicure tips can be removed at home with the Gel polish removal kit and the gel polish removal tool.

Moreover, SensatioNail is committed to supporting new product launches by educating consumers through how-to videos, which provide step-by-step guides, tips and tricks. The French manicure gel polish tutorial can be accessed on SensatioNail's website, and social media platforms, or by scanning the QR codes found on all packaging with a smartphone.

SensatioNail French manicure gel polish and SensatioNail French manicure tips retail for $14.99 and $6.99, respectively.


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