Skinvisible sanitizer tests well against MRSA and E. coli


LAS VEGAS — Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals on Thursday announced the successful completion of two new studies undertaken for DermSafe, a nonalcohol hand sanitizer made with 4% chlorhexidine gluconate. The studies demonstrate the sustained effectiveness of up to four hours, the company said.

The studies, conducted by Bioscience Labs, found that DermSafe tested at one hour, two hours and four hours dramatically reduced MRSA with a kill of 93.39% at four hours. The findings of the second study verified DermSafe's potent and increasing activity against E. coli at both two hours and four hours with a 99.38% reduction at four hours.

"We believe these new studies will benefit our licensees in both Canada and Europe in facilitating the marketing of DermSafe not only to the general public but for commercial use in hospitals, schools, law enforcement and the military," Skinvisible president and CEO Terry Howlett said.

DermSafe currently is available from Alto Pharmaceuticals in Canada and is seeking additional licensees in select territories for commercial and/or retail markets, the company said.

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