St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Walgreens team on high school outreach program


ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis College of Pharmacy on Monday announced its 12th year of partnership with Walgreens on the Career Explorers Program,  a program designed to give high school junior and senior minority students a look at what goes into becoming a pharmacist.

Twenty-five students were selected from across the region in a competitive application process, the college reported.


During the four-week program, the students will split their time between St. Louis College of Pharmacy and a Walgreens location. At the college, the students will meet for class and be immersed in the history of pharmacy, how to read prescriptions, calculate dosages and fill prescriptions. The other half of their time will be spent at St. Louis-area Walgreens pharmacies working as pharmacy technicians and assisting pharmacists on duty.

At the end of the program, each student will receive a certificate of completion and a stipend. Students who have participated in this program have later gone on to enroll and graduate from St. Louis College of Pharmacy or other colleges.

The application process for next year’s program will begin in January.

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