Stonyfield introduces new yogurt products


LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Stonyfield has expanded its organic Oikos Greek yogurt portfolio.

The company said that Stonyfield organic Oikos now is available in a variety of tasty flavors made with 1.5% fat organic milk, including pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and classic plain.

"As with anything in life, it's about finding balance so it's ideal to have options when deciding which Greek yogurt is right for you," said Mary Kennedy, a nutritionist and fitness specialist at Stonyfield. "The new 1.5% fat Stonyfield organic Oikos is a perfect standalone afternoon snack that will keep you feeling satisfied and stave off cravings until dinnertime."

In addition to the 1.5% fat line, Stonyfield said it also has added nonfat peach mango and superfruits pints to its organic Oikos Greek frozen yogurt line, and also has introduced a lemon flavor to its organic Oikos 0% fat Greek yogurt lineup, which currently includes chocolate and caramel flavors.

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