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Stop & Shop recommends healthy additions to 'go-to meals'


QUINCY, Mass. — Nearly half of families rely on recipes that are fast and easy to make for dinner, according to a new survey of shoppers by supermarket chain Stop & Shop.

The chain, one of the banners owned by Carlisle, Pa.-based Ahold USA, announced the results of the 500-shopper survey, finding a preference for convenient meals among more than 40%. The preference for "go-to meals" — meals that are quick to prepare, require little skill and use ingredients already on hand — was due to a desire for more family time. Eighty-eight percent of shoppers rely on such meals at least once a week, including spaghetti, baked chicken and tacos. Other go-to meals include macaroni and cheese and hamburgers.

"Shop & Shop believes that families can have it all when it comes to dinner time — quickly, family-approved and nutritious meals," Stop & Shop nutritionist Julie Menounos said. "For these determined parents, Stop & Shop offers various tips that speed up their favorite recipes, getting them out of the kitchen more quickly with a healthy meal in hand."

The chain suggested boosting nutritional values by substituting ingredients like whole wheat or whole grain pasta for white-flour pasta, using black beans as an alternative to meat in tacos and also whole grains like brown rice, quinoa or farro as sides to baked chicken.

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