Study: 1-in-5 store customers are 'connected'


NEW YORK — Eighty percent of U.S. consumers use the Internet when they shop. The fourth annual research study of shopper behavior, conducted by Cisco Consulting Services, revealed the percentage of “uber-digitals” shoppers, who regularly use their smartphones for their shopping decision-making, nearly doubled to 18% of the sampled population.

In addition, 39% of consumers research products in store before buying them online, and 51% of those consumers prefer to use a retailer’s mobile app for the purchase. The majority (52%) of digital shoppers are willing to share information with retailers if they'll get discounts on their next purchase.

Other findings include:

  • Thirty-one percent of consumers highly trust retailers to protect their personal data;

  • Thirty-four percent of consumers are interested in scavenger-hunt promotions that offer consumers special discounts if they scan/collect QBR codes while shopping through store;

  • Thirty-five percent of consumers are interested in "beat the clock" specials that offer consumers special discounts if consumer clicks on pop-up window while shopping on-line or smartphone;

  • Twenty-nine percent of consumers were interested in getting on-demand advice from stylists, designers, product specialists, do-it-yourself-home improvement consultants and other experts via video when shopping in the store; and

  • When ordering online and picking up merchandize in the store, consumer interest varies by store type; 44% at consumer electronic stores, 35% at home improvement stores, 30% apparel/fashion stores and 22% at grocery stores.

“Today’s mobile phone is a remote control for shopping,” Jon Stine, North America lead, retail, Cisco Consulting Services, said. “The growing trend of consumers using mobile phones when shopping in the store is a wake-up call for retailers. The retailers that will win more revenues from customers today and in the future will be the ones that offer the best online experience and integrate it with the consumers’ in-store shopping experience."

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