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Study: 96% of retailers ready to tackle the Internet of Things


LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Zebra Technologies Corp. released survey results that revealed nearly all retailers are ready to make the changes required to adopt the Internet of Things. The survey, conducted in October 2014 by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zebra Technologies, also showed that a majority of retailers believe IoT will be the most important technological initiative of the decade.


Some of the key findings from the survey include:


• Nearly 96% of retail decision makers are ready to make changes required to adopt IoT. 67% of respondents already have implemented IoT and another 26% of retailers are planning to deploy within a year.


• More than half of surveyed retailers expect IoT to provide operational and actionable data on the location and condition of tracked objects which can help empower process and cost optimization in the supply chains – and ultimately improve operations, create new revenue streams and enhance the customer experience.


• Retail decision makers listed real-time locating systems (RTLS), mobile computing and bar-coding as the most important technologies for enabling IoT implementations. Data analytics, security solutions and sensor devices were cited most often as required solutions for IoT adoption.


• Fifty-six percent of respondents listed integration challenges as the top barrier to IoT implementations, while 47% mentioned security and privacy as a chief concern.


"The advent of new technologies has completely changed the way shoppers interact with retailers, but the shopping experience can be the retailer's strategic differentiator,” said Nick D'Alessio, global retail practice leader, Zebra Technologies. “With the Internet of Things, retailers will be empowered with the intelligence to make strategic, informed business decisions that improve customer loyalty and associate effectiveness while creating exciting experiences for their shoppers."

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