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Study: Return options, loyalty perks, security boost shopper satisfaction


Easy returns, exclusive loyalty perks and secure transaction processes top customer wish lists this holiday season.


This is the consensus among more than 500 consumers that participated in the “2016 Holiday Retail Report,” from CFI Group and Radial. Based on their recent online shopping experiences, 87% of shoppers said that having multiple return options makes them more likely to purchase a product online. Also, they reported that a synchronized omnichannel platform that allows shoppers to return products in-store or ship them back with ease is a necessity — not an attractive bonus offering.  


Meanwhile, 93% of shoppers who sign up for a loyalty program said special promotions influence their decision to sign up. Access to these special promotions is the main motivator for joining loyalty programs, the study said.


Finally, 27% of shoppers affected by an incorrectly identified fraudulent charge said that they will no longer shop with that retailer. Another 40% indicate that they will be hesitant to order from that retailer again. This clear negative impact makes effective fraud management a critical capability for retailers, the study reported.

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