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Supermarkets rate high in customer satisfaction, checkouts, cleanliness count


PLAINVIEW, N.Y. — A recent study showed that supermarkets generate high satisfaction among their shoppers. Supermarkets scored an average of 4.47 on a five-point satisfaction scale (where five is the highest), according to the "2012 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study" conducted by the Retail Feedback Group.

The study found that out-of-stocks were the greatest influencer of trip satisfaction. Supermarket shoppers unable to find all items they had planned to buy on their shopping trip averaged 3.97 on the five-point satisfaction scale, compared with 4.54 among shoppers who did find all items.

Out-of-stocks can cost retailers sales; half of the shoppers surveyed said they would go to another store to purchase the item they wanted, compared to 38% who said they would forego the item; 14% who said they would buy a different item at the store instead; and 12% saying they would buy a different brand or size.

The survey also revealed that supermarkets got high marks for variety and selection of grocery items and that cleanliness counts. Nearly 4-in-10 shoppers who bypass stores say they do so due to a lack of cleanliness.

The checkout experience is also crucial; 90% of shoppers used a cashier lane to check out, as opposed to self-checkout, and 56% indicated that the cashier positively impacted their trip satisfaction.

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