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Survey: Nearly 50% of Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity


NEW YORK — Majestic Drug Co. Inc., makers of the Senzzzzz Away Tooth Desensitizer, in conjunction with the product launch announced this week the results of a nationwide survey of Americans showing nearly 50% of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity. As part of the survey, the company found nearly half of respondents had tried sensitivity toothpastes, but only about one-third of those who had tried them experienced positive results, noted Larry Fishman, president of Majestic Drug Co.

Tooth sensitivity is caused when the tooth enamel is worn away and the dentin is exposed. There are several ways in which tooth enamel can be worn away, thereby exposing the dentin, leaving the teeth prone to sensitivity, including aggressive tooth brushing, excessive tooth bleaching/whitening and eating too much sugar and/or highly acidic foods. People can experience sensitivity from foods and liquids that are cold, hot and sweet.

Senzzzzz Away Tooth Desensitizer is a single dose dentel gel that relieves sensitivity for teeth to cold, sweet and hot foods and liquids with one application.

With Senzzzzz Away, which is FDA cleared, one application relieves tooth sensitivity immediately and will last up to 6 months, the company noted. It provides a dual action treatment — eliminating current sensitivity as well as preventing future flair-ups.

"Now you can use the toothpaste of your choice. Now you can get your teeth whitened without being concerned about the sensitivity side-effect. Most importantly, now you can enjoy your favorite foods without pain," notes Mr. Fishman.

Senzzzzz Away, packaged in a single use dispenser, is available at Rite Aid and other drugstores, food chains and mass marketers nationwide. Suggested retail price is $5.99.

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