Survey: One-third of consumers will consider layaway for holiday shopping


WHITING, Ind. — A survey of 2,339 shoppers found that 34% are at least somewhat likely to purchase items on layaway this holiday season.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, also found that 9% are very likely to use layaway; 29% said maybe.

When asked what they believe are the benefits to using a layaway program for holiday shopping, U.S. adults said the following:

  • 54% said layaway helps them to buy larger items that they couldn't afford to buy all at once;

  • 52% said it helps with budgeting;

  • 46% said it helps them avoid using credit cards;

  • 43% said it helps to with planning ahead;

  • 43% like being able to reserve a popular item; and

  • 33% said they don’t need to have good credit to use layaway programs.

"Layaway can be a smart option for holiday shoppers on a budget, as it forces shoppers to be disciplined about saving and reduces impulse purchases," said Jackie Warrick, president and CEO at

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