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Swiffer, Anthony Anderson shed light on evolving roles within the home


CINCINNATI — P&G’s Swiffer brand is partnering with actor Anthony Anderson from the television show “Black-ish” to help clear up the misconception that dad’s don’t get involved doing chores around the house. The brand, with help from Anderson as a creative advisor, unveiled its #SwifferDad video which presents a modern perspective on the changing roles within the home, as told from the perspective of reals fathers and their kids. 

“As a working dad and husband myself – and one who cleans floors and drives the carpool – this is a story I can relate to and am excited to help tell,” Anderson said. “We cook! We clean! We do house work! What I love about the #SwifferDad campaign is that it’s about celebrating the hands-on role that most of us play – it portrays who we really are as modern dads. And the best part is that this shift to shared responsibility for chores is having a positive effect on our kids.”

According to Swiffer’s “cleaning index,” Americans say that dads today help with chores nearly two times more than their dads did growing up. Additionally, half of dads do the majority of the chores in their household, with 98% of dads reporting that a clean home makes them happy.

“With this docu-video, we’re acknowledging the democratization of cleaning and the many dads who take a hands-on role in the home, alongside their partner,” said Kevin Wenzel, associate brand director at Procter & Gamble. “We know that dads do clean! It’s great to work with Anthony to help celebrate dads and the extra moments they can enjoy with their family because cleanup is covered quickly and effectively with products like our Swiffer WetJet, a true dad favorite in the cleaning arsenal.”

Anderson and Swiffer interviewed four dad social influencers and their kids who best represent the changing roles of fathers today: Beau Coffron (Lunchbox Dad), Patrick Carrie (Getting Rad with Dad), Mike Johnson (Playground Dad), and Doyin Richards (Daddy Doin’ Work).

To help with word of mouth, the brand, Anderson and the four #SwifferDad ambassadors are encouraging to people to watch and share the video, which is currently available on Swiffer’s YouTube channel along with some behind the scenes footage of Anderson on set. 

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