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Swiffer campaign challenges consumers to "Man Up, Clean Up"


CINCINATTI – Swiffer has launched a "Man Up, Clean Up" campaign to encourage men to contribute more to household cleaning. While the percentage of men who say they do most of the household cleaning has increased, other studies suggest that men exaggerate how much they really help out around the house. The new campaign intends to better equip men to do their fair share.

The "Man Up, Clean Up" campaign launched September 27-30 at the Las Vegas BikeFest, with Rick Harrison of History's Pawn Stars talking to consumers about the age-old cleaning debate. Harrison was chosen for the official spokesman position because he embodies Swiffer's philosophy that even the toughest guys can do their part to help out around the home, the company stated.

At Swiffer's BikeFest booth, attendees could participate in "Man Up, Clean Up" challenges that ranged from tests of strength to such cleaning tests as dusting and floor-cleaning.

A series of light-hearted "how to" videos, info-graphics and e-cards created by Swiffer can be shared online to demonstrate how easy it is to help with household cleanup. On Swiffer's Facebook page, men who already help out with household chores can identify themselves and share stories of why it's "worth it" to contribute to housework.

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