Telehealth is one to watch in 2014


CVS Caremark’s MinuteClinic is testing telehealth at more than two-dozen sites in California and is looking to expand the pilot to a second state.

The pilot program not only further illustrates CVS Caremark’s goal of creating a national platform to support primary care but it also speaks to larger trend playing out within the country’s healthcare landscape — telehealth.

Telehealth is going to be hot this year as it has a multiplier factor for clinics — one provider in a clinic can cover several clinics to further expand access to healthcare.

Now, an influential group of former Senators wants to know more about what telehealth can do to improve access and lower costs. And like, most areas of healthcare, there is a strong possibility that states will want to define their own rules. In fact, some lawmakers in Florida are looking into ways to ease regulatory limitations for telemedicine in an effort to increase access to care and create “a fertile ground” for the technology to be used.

The reality is that telehealth is fast becoming an integral component in the delivery of American healthcare and it will be one to watch in 2014.



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