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The Natural Dentist announces partnership to help raise awareness about oral complications of cancer therapies


MADISON, N.J. — The Natural Dentist, a line of therapeutic oral care products, and Dr. Susan Calderbank, a leading dentist in oral health for patients undergoing chemotherapy and head and neck radiation, today announced a partnership to raise awareness about the oral complications of cancer treatments in a joint effort to help patients manage these often debilitating side effects.

Oral complications occur when cancer treatments break down the cells in the mucus membrane. The most common oral side effects of cancer treatment include inflammation and ulceration of the gums, infections, bleeding gums (especially at the gum line and from ulcers), and dry mouth. In some patients, these effects are so severe that they have difficulty eating, breathing, and swallowing, and their treatment is compromised.

“Dr. Susan Calderbank has been a pioneer in the field of oral complications as they relate to cancer therapies, dedicating her practice to alleviating the oral care side effects of cancer treatment,” says Kelly Kaplan, president of Revive Personal Products Company, LLC and distributer of the Natural Dentist. “Helping patients to alleviate these side effects through careful oral hygiene is a cornerstone of The Natural Dentist, and we’re pleased to partner with Dr. Calderbank to raise awareness about this important issue, which affects thousands of people undergoing cancer therapies each day.”

“My life has been personally touched by this issue, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and suffered debilitating oral health side effects,” says Dr. Calderbank. “Even as a dentist, I discovered that I couldn’t help her. Since then, I’ve devoted a large part of my practice to raising awareness about this issue, and finding ways to help patients maintain good oral health throughout both treatment and survivorship.”

Dr. Calderbank continued, “I’m committed to partnering with the Natural Dentist because I’ve seen personally how their Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse has proven effective to alleviate these side effects, and their commitment and passion to raising awareness about this issue and providing resources for patients compliments my own mission.”

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse is available at retailers including Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Whole Foods. To learn more about how cancer treatment affects oral health or to request a free sample of the Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse, please visit:

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