Thermalon meets growing demand for dry eye treatment


ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Thermalon last week showcased its Thermalon Eye Compress at the annual National Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo.


There is an increasing demand for dry eye treatment, as more people experience eye discomfort, noted Sharon Burkart, Thermalon marketing director. “More Baby Boomers are experiencing eye discomfort as part of the natural aging process and the younger set feel dry, itchy or burning eyes as a result of more hours spent looking at digital devices,” she said. Other common causes of dry eyes include certain prescription medications and disease states, such as diabetes.


According to Burkart, doctors recommend the application of moist heat to improve the flow of natural oils into the eyes. Thermalon is clinically proven to bring relief to dry, itchy and irritated eyes within minutes, she noted. The microwave-activated technology requires 20 seconds in the microwave, followed by a 3 to 5 minute treatment. Thermalon has patented the technology and is one of the only eye compresses that safely delivers moist heat.


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