Tide honors Team USA with flag


CINCINNATI — As part of its "My Story. Our Flag." project, Tide unveiled a special flag — created in honor of Team USA — in New York's Bryant Park on Tuesday.

The 117-ft.-by-52-ft. flag, a larger-than-life artistic rendition of the American flag, features nearly 1,500 stories collected from Tide's Facebook and Twitter followers. Each piece of fabric making up the flag was washed in Tide prior to being sewn together, the brand said.

"Every two years during the Olympic Games, the pride we have for the red, white and blue swells as people celebrate our country’s athletes," said Alex Keith, VP of P&G North American fabric care. "We’re excited to honor Team USA with this beautiful flag created for the 'My Story. Our Flag.' project."

As part of the project, Tide has partnered with three Olympic athletes — including distance runner Lopez Lomong, cyclist Sarah Hammer and wrestler Henry Cejudo — and actress and singer Katharine McPhee, all of which have inspiring stories that Tide said are great examples of the rich and diverse stories we all have.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this inspirational flag," Katharine McPhee said. "To see what the red, white and blue mean to Americans across this country truly reminds us why it's so great to be an American and gets me very excited to root on Team USA during this year's Olympic Games."

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