Tidy Cats kicks off 'No More PU' campaign


ST. LOUIS — Tidy Cats has launched a new campaign to support its latest cat litter formula.

The "No More PU" campaign is designed to show how new Tidy Cats Scoop formulas with new Odor Erasers technology offer cat owners reliable odor control. The campaign launched in New York this week to assist with stinky situations in the lives of Big Apple residents. Along with its PU Patrol — a two member PU-erasing team — Tidy Cats is embarking on a multiple city tour aimed at surprising people with creative solutions to life's "PU," the company said.

"Tidy Cats is excited to come to the rescue and solve some of life's stinkiest situations," Tidy Cats senior brand manager Rebecca Schulz said. "Tidy Cats Odor Erasers helps with the PU in your litter box and home, and we’re excited for the PU Patrol to travel across America and help with the PU in people's lives."

Tidy Cats Scoop formula with Odor Erasers technology comes in two varieties, including 24/7 Performance and Instant Action.

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