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Tidy Cats lightens up kitty litter


ST. LOUIS — Lighter-weight cat litters are gaining ground. Purina recently introduced Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance, a litter that is at least 50% lighter than traditional scooping cat litter, but has all the benefits of regular litters. A combination of clay and natural lightweight materials makes buying, pouring and storing much easier for pet owners. The product offers continuous odor control, is 99.9% dust free and produces light, tight clumps for easy clean up.

Keith Peterfeso, brand manager for Tidy Cats cat litter, said: “Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance offers a solution for anyone who is tired of dealing with the weight of their current cat litter and looking for a lighter option that doesn’t sacrifice performance.” Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance will be available nationwide in March in an 8.5 oz.-jug.

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