Traditional Medicinals partners with RealCup on single-serve offering


MISSISSAUGUA, Ontario — Traditional Medicinals herbal supplement wellness teas have chosen to partner with the RealCup brand for their launch into the fast-growing single-serve capsule format, the company announced last week. Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, the company that owns and manufactures the RealCup brand, announced that it will produce two popular varieties of Traditional Medicinals teas in their patented RealCup capsule.


"We chose to launch our products in the RealCup brand of capsules because their unique FlavorMax filter delivers the high quality brewing required to help ensure our teas deliver their intended effect," stated Blair Kellison, Traditional Medicinals CEO. 


"The non-woven filter in the RealCup brand of capsules is different than anything that the competition offers," said Bill VandenBygaart, VP business development, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. "It allows more of the active constituents into the cup, ensuring authentic taste and, in the case of Traditional Medicinals, efficacy and functionality of their wellness herbal supplement tea blends."


Traditional Medicinals will make the new capsule format available in selected U.S. retail outlets across its Ginger Aid and Roasted Dandelion Root lines. Ginger Aid can help with occasional indigestion and nausea associated with motion, while Roasted Dandelion Root gently stimulates the liver and can support healthy digestion.


RealCup capsules are designed for use with K-Cup compatible single-serve brewers. 

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