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Treating furry friends to good health


Pet products have moved into the OTC aisles and even behind the pharmacy. Sales of pet supplies/OTC medicine are expected to reach $12.56 billion in 2012, according to the American Pet Products Association. 

One of the key drivers of the category, according to Packaged Facts, is the growing population of pets with specialized health needs, especially senior and overweight dogs and cats.

But OTCs aren’t just for aging pets; consumers are lavishing more preventive care on their pets from the start. “We are keeping our pets longer and are looking to keep them healthier right from the beginning,” said Bob Vetere, president of the APPA. He expects sales of health-related products, treats and food to boom in the next few years.

Sales of remedies for joint care, behavior control and dental health have led category growth, according to Amy Malpocker, product manager of ENB Science, which manufactures True-Dose pet 
healthcare products. 

Malpocker said that the aging pet population is driving sales of joint care products, while behavior OTCs are fueled by pet owners giving their pets OTCs to calm them during storms and to treat separation anxiety. The growth in dental care products is a result of the recent push from veterinarians to focus on good pet 
dental health.



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