UBM Medica: PAs earn more, while NPs have more employment opportunities


NORWALK, Conn. — UBM Medica has unveiled the results of its "Physician's Practice 2012 Staff Salary" survey.

UBM Medica found that the highest-paid nonphysicians on staff were physician assistants, earning an average $84,000 per year, followed by nurse practitioners, who earned an annual salary of $83,000. Despite PAs earning more per year, UBM Medica found that NPs enjoyed more employment opportunities: 35% of practices are employing one NP, compared with only 25% of practices who employ a PA.

Overall, the survey also revealed that nurses were in high demand and many U.S. medical practices started paying a premium for their services last year, despite pay for most other clinical and administrative support staff stagnated or declined.

Click here for the full results.

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