Unique products help boost sales of facial cleansers


Cleaning the face of makeup, dirt and other impurities in the morning and night is clearly an important part of a healthy skin care routine, and manufacturers continue to answer the call with products that promise to deliver even greater results.

According to the most recent 52-week data from Chicago-based market research firm SymphonyIRI Group, sales of facial cleansers rose nearly 6% to about $635 million.

Manufacturers continue to innovate in an effort to further grow sales and capture greater market share.

For example, Neutrogena recently began offering at retail its new Ultra Gentle daily cleanser. After years of perfecting the hydrophobically modified polymer technology launched in this cleanser, Johnson & Johnson scientists have reshifted the everyday cleansing approach with the launch, the company stated. The new Neutrogena Ultra Gentle daily cleanser is designed to thoroughly remove excess oil, dirt and makeup. It promises to leaves skin feeling comfortable, never too dry or too tight, and rinses clean, never leaving behind residue.

In addition, the Clean & Clear brand recently expanded its portfolio with several new products, including the new Essentials line. The collection includes a foaming facial cleanser, a foaming cleanser for sensitive skin, an astringent, a toner and a dual-action moisturizer that works to both moisturize dry skin and fight breakouts.



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