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Unreal enhances look for its 'unjunked' candy


BOSTON — Unreal — a company specializing in candy made with 100% real ingredients, no corn syrup, no GMOs and less sugar — announced new packaging for its "unjunked" candy and retail displays set to roll out into retail stores nationwide.

“Everything we do at Unreal is driven by our mission to unjunk the world,” said co-founder Adam Melonas. “While we’ve kept the same unreal taste of our products, we’ve launched a bolder look for our graphics and package design. Unreal was started by a 13-year-old kid who wanted to make things better for his generation, so the new design also maintains the brand’s sense of youthfulness and fun.”

Developed with Crunch Brands, Unreal's new design features black as the primary packaging color and for consistency with its previous packaging. The black is balanced with highly saturated, bright colors and new product images. The design also features fun new product names for its five varieties of unjunked candy: The Gimme Ones (candy-coated chocolates), The Nutty Ones (candy-coated chocolate peanuts), The Smooth One (chocolate caramel nougat bar), The Loaded One (chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar), and The Double One (peanut butter cups). Previously, the company used names such as Unreal 41 and Unreal 77 for the brand.

Both candy coated chocolate varieties The Gimme Ones and The Nutty Ones are also getting a new look inside the packaging. Both products will feature candy shells with brighter hues, but still made with all natural origin colors derived from plants like beets and red cabbage.

The packaging redesign announcement comes as the brand expands its retail presence with launches at Stop & Shop, Shaws, Giant Food Stores, Wegmans, ShopRite, Big-Y and Roche Brothers, among other regional and national chains this summer. The candy is already sold at 15,000 stores nationwide, including Target and CVS.

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