Vapor to roll out patent-pending real-feel electronic cigarettes


DANIA BEACH, Fla. — Vapor recently announced its filing of a nonprovisional patent for an electronic cigarette cartridge that will give its electronic cigarette line the same tactile feel of a traditional cigarette filter.

"We believe the soft padded electronic cartridge is the most significant innovation to e-cigarettes since their invention and introduction to the U.S. marketplace," stated Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor. "The comfort of the new soft-tip filter will offer our customers the most realistic and similar experience akin to the filters of traditional cigarettes. We are truly excited to offer this unique remarkable advancement to our customers, and we plan to launch electronic cigarettes with these soft-tip filters by year end to our online customers, and then roll out the product offerings brand by brand and companywide in 2013."

Vapor brands include Fifty-One, Krave, VaporX, EZ Smoker, Green Puffer, Americig, Fumare, Hookah Stix and Smoke Star.

Vapor's patent pending soft tip filters improve upon existing electronic cigarette cartridges, which are made of hard plastic and/or metal. While Vapor Corp. believes that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will award it a patent for its soft-tip filter, but there is no assurance in this regard, the company cautioned.

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