Vichy launches online game, app inspired by its CelluDestock skin-firming cream


NEW YORK — Vichy Labs — which sells its products at select CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade, Walgreens and Ulta locations — has rolled out a new digital initiative inspired by its CelluDestock skin-firming and anti-cellulite product.

“Booty Break” has launched across all digital platforms with a special site and complementary content on YouTube, mobile and social media. The website,, leads visitors to share, discover and download brawny bottoms of all shapes and sizes with a variety of ways to “shake your booty.”

Viewers can scroll through an array of robust rear ends ranging from sporty and corporate to preppy and trendy with the option to have each gluteus maximus “slap,” “shake,” “dance” or “flex” to the tune of “Baby, Baby, Baby” by Make the Girl Dance.  

After the initial “Booty Break,” the brand offers a “booty-loving” app with exercise tips from a fitness trainer, as well as an array of abdominal and gluteal exercises in 30-second vignettes. The campaign also provides an exclusive offer for women to try Vichy’s CelluDestock, the skin-firming cream designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by smoothing and toning the ski.

To create the “Booty Break” video and mobile app, Vichy teamed up with the Montreal-based digital firm Tuxedo Agency to create the playful digital platforms. They enlisted the help of eight “guys next door” who showed off their assets for the interactive website, and the complementary mobile app, which offers a unique motivation to promote a healthy lifestyle. It features a trainer demonstrating easy exercise moves and allows users to learn about Vichy’s body care products, chart their progress and earn rewards for a job well done.

“Our goal for the “Booty Break” campaign is to provide a provocative and engaging way to get women talking about their bodies in a positive way,” stated Marianna Trofimova, VP marketing for Vichy Laboratories. “But we also give them practical tips and complementary products to help them make the most of what they have. We want women to love the results and to love their booty.”

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