targets mobile moms with new health-and-wellness site, app


SAN FRANCISCO — Health-and-wellness e-retailer is targeting smartphone users with the relaunch of its mobile commerce website, developed in partnership with Moovweb, the company announced Thursday.

"Vitacost customers are very passionate about their health and wellness products," Vitacost chief marketing officer David Zucker said. "Our new Moovweb-powered mobile site unleashes the power of social media to help our customers spread the word about their favorite products, as well as easily access recommendations for new products."

The mobile site's new features include the ability for shoppers to share their product preferences on Facebook, receive social signaling from friends with similar tastes and log into their Vitacost accounts, where they can access their complete transactional histories and receive recommendations for new products based on past purchases.

In addition to the newly revamped mobile site, Vitacost launched a complementary app, which has the mobile site's features, as well as key personalization benefits, including reminders alerting customers to take their vitamins, and a feature allowing users to scan a product's barcode inside a store for easy on-site comparison shopping.

Vitacost posted a "how-to" video on YouTube to help drive awareness around the new features. 

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