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Vitamin Shoppe launches online community Web site


NORTH BERGEN, N.J. Vitamin Shoppe earlier this month launched a new free online community featuring message boards and advice on health, wellness and sports nutrition products, the company announced Thursday.

“The online community is a natural extension of the conversations that happen in our stores everyday,” stated Lou Weiss, vice president and general manager of Vitamin Shoppe Direct. “Our members are coming together in this community to not only share their experiences, but also to get the unparalleled knowledge and advice that Vitamin Shoppe is known for.”

“Since the boards launched in early August, topics that have been discussed include nutrition, dieting, health conditions, bodybuilding, and vitamins,” added Weiss. “New topics are springing up every minute.”

The Vitamin Shoppe online community also features a variety of experts on the boards who not only host discussions, but answer specific questions from customers. Those experts include: Dave Foreman, an herbal pharmacist; Christiane Rivard, registered dietitian; and Dave Hawk, former Mr. USA and Mr. World and a personal trainer and adviser to a number of professional athletes. The boards can be accessed at or from direct links from, and

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