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VoicePort launches appointment scheduler services solution


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — VoicePort has launched its new appointment scheduler services application.

Part of the company's platform of unified patient communications, the app is a self-serve interface for patients to schedule a host of health-and-wellness appointments through a pharmacy's website.

"Our appointment scheduler services application can help pharmacies address medication synchronization initiatives by allowing patients on multiple prescriptions to align their meds for pick up on a regular interval versus various times of the month, leading to increased compliance and adherence," VoicePort SVP business development Alphonse Sasso said. "Our appointment scheduler services application can be run as an independent solution or can be integrated with our other outbound services to provide a full circle approach to medication synchronization, medical therapy reviews and other important pharmacy initiatives by way of building awareness and driving patients to participate in pharmacy programs in an automated fashion. Improving the patient experience and reducing the burden on your pharmacy staff by way of automation is what we are all about at VoicePort."

VoicePort president and CEO Christopher Mann said that the app allows clients to set campaigns at the headquarters level, forward such campaigns to each store/site and to set specific resources and times of operation. "Throughout the process of setting up health-and-wellness campaigns, key pharmacy personnel at headquarters and at the store level can see added patient appointments to help manage the process in an orderly and customer-friendly fashion, thus offering a complete solution in addressing patient, store and headquarter logistics," Mann said.

Mann also noted that the app can be embedded within a client's website. "This is important for a host of reasons, such as brand consistency, seamless advertising and most importantly, providing an easy and intuitive way for your patients to find out about and subsequently schedule appointments within your pharmacies," he said.

VoicePort noted that its latest solution is ready for deployment to pharmacy and healthcare clients.

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