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VR1 launches homeopathic migraine reliever Ausanil


NEW YORK — VR1 on Tuesday announced the availability of Ausanil, a new non-prescription homeopathic nasal spray formulated to provide rapid pain relief from severe headaches and migraines with no reported systemic side effects or adverse drug-drug interactions. 

"We are pleased to offer Ausanil as an important new option for severe headache and migraine patients still searching for a treatment that is effective, safe and accessible," said Anjan Chatterjee, VR1 founder. "As a physician who has treated thousands of headache patients, and as a lifelong migraine sufferer myself, I know how frustrating and debilitating it can be when you are unable to function in your daily life because you have to wait so long for your medication to take effect."

Approximately one-third of the 36 million migraine sufferers in the United States are not satisfied with their current treatment regimen, he said. Ausanil was developed to address several of the biggest challenges for millions of sufferers, including inadequate pain relief and side effect limitations.

When used as directed, Ausanil can be taken multiple times per day, alone or with other migraine medications, without reported risk of systemic side effects or drug-drug interactions. Ausanil is non-habit forming and does not contain caffeine, zinc, aspirin or acetaminophen. 



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