Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens make top 10 of 100 top retailers list


WASHINGTON Even in a shaky economy, the biggest retailers in the country have remained strong, according to the National Retail Federation, whose STORES magazine released its Top 100 Retailers List on July 1.

Wal-Mart remains the No. 1 retailer, with $378.8 billion in revenues for 2007. Second was The Home Depot, with $77.3 billion.

Some drug stores have also made the top 10, as consumers continue to purchase health and wellness products, regardless of economic hardship. These include CVS—which moved up six spaces since 2006 with its acquisition of Caremark and $76.3 billion in revenues—and Walgreen’s, which made seventh place with $53.76 billion.

Other retailers that made the top 10 include Target, in sixth place with $63.36 billion in revenues, and SUPERVALU, at No. 10 with $44 billion.

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