Wal-Mart's Bruce Painter starts his own company


BENTONVILLE, Ark. Bruce Painter, the former Merchandise Manager for Wal-Mart’s Pharmacy Division, has started his own business, Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions.

Blue Ocean I.S. will provide consumer product development and marketing for the “Blue Ocean” line of over-the-counter and health and beauty aid items, as well as provide pharmaceutical and consumer product companies consulting and product brokering services into pharmacy chain and mass merchant retailers, using Painter’s 22-years of retail and manufacturing experience

While the company is only a few weeks old, the idea for Blue Ocean has been with Painter since he started working in the pharmaceutical and retail industry. The Blue Ocean line of products are about a year away from the market, but in the meantime, Painter is offering his product brokering and consulting services to companies in the industry. While under a confidentiality agreement with the companies, he did mention that, the goal of Blue Ocean is to be connected with the top pharmacy and retailing chains on a global level.

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