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Walgreens BTS survey: Cartoon-themed brands are trending


DEERFIELD, Ill. — According to a Walgreens back-to-school survey released Tuesday, parents of school-age children report a significant number are fans of cartoon brands well into high school.

With themed school supplies once again a trend, cartoon character-themed supplies are desired by 22% of high school students, according to the survey. Pop singer-themed supplies are most popular among middle school students at 43%.

“With thousands of back-to-school items available at our more than 8,000 stores, many of which are just around the corner, Walgreens has a great variety of in-stock supplies that will meet parents’ and children’s needs alike,” stated Bryan Pugh, VP merchandising, store design and Well Experience at Walgreens. 

However, many parents wait until its almost time to pack their kids back onto the school bus when it comes to stocking school supplies. As many as 43% of parents buy their children’s school supplies less than a month but more than a week before school starts. And 10% of back-to-school shoppers tend to procrastinate, purchasing supplies the week before up until the day school commences. 

Walgreens also surveyed parents on back-to-school physicals and immunizations. As many as 44% of total respondents reported that they wait until one to two weeks before school starts to get their children’s physicals. Likewise, nearly 40% of total respondents get their children’s immunizations within the last two weeks before school opens.

And nearly two-thirds of parents — 62% — said healthy solutions like tissues and hand sanitizer are important to include in their children’s backpacks.

Four-in-five parents use back-to-school lists. And there are several factors parents take into consideration when determining where to buy supplies. Participants cited “lowest prices” (28%) as the most important thing to consider. Knowing that a retailer has exactly what’s required from the child’s preparation list comes in at No. 2 (18%), although the percentage was significantly higher for parents with high school students at 32%.

Walgreens surveyed a representative sample of 1,000 U.S. adults online for its Back-to-School study. The research was conducted July 26-30, 2013 by Directions Research.

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