Walgreens Health Guides


The Walgreens Health Guide has a pharmacy technician license and at least two years in medical training. While there is a station positioned in front of the pharmacy, the Health Guides more often are in the aisles helping patients rather than waiting for patients to come to them. “Right now, more people are taking care of their own health than ever before, and they’re looking for a location that is convenient, that is professional, that is affordable,” noted Marcel Naddaf, Walgreens market pharmacy director for the Indianapolis and St. Louis markets — the markets where the company first piloted its Well Experience formats.

Walgreens’ Health Guides are pulled from its pharmacy technician ranks and typically have two years of health education. Walgreens’ Well Experience concept has been implemented in close to 200 pilot stores in the Chicago, New York and Indianapolis markets as part of Walgreens’ Well Experience store format.

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