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Walgreens offers discounted health-related catalogs for AARP members


WASHINGTON Walgreens has unveiled a catalog and Web site designed for AARP members who want to shop for healthcare products on a dime, AARP said Wednesday.

The new catalog, “AARP Health Essentials by Walgreens” and offers AARP members access to top-quality health products at economical cost at a discounted rate of 5 percent.

“Our 39 million members represent a large percentage of this group and our relationship with Walgreens will provide them with discounts and easier access to a wide variety of health-related products,” said Adam Sohn, associate director for AARP’s media relations.

All products purchased through the catalog or Web site can be returned at any of the Walgreens locations. Additionally, products purchased from either medium can be shipped to the AARP member’s home, which is free if they spend $50 or more.

According to The Resource for Marketing Executives, baby boomers spend more than $525 billion per year on health care and are responsible for nearly 61% of all over-the-counter medications.

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